Calling all Happy Potter fans! Now you and your Gryffindor friends can battle it out against those sneaky Slytherins in a battle of Quidditch – the most fun you are ever likely to have with a broomstick!

Broomsticks at the ready! Immerse your hen party in the world of Harry Potter as we recreate the magic of our own Kwidditch! So the Chasers try to get goals past the Keeper with the Quaffle if they’re lucky enough not to get hit by a Beater with a Bludger, while the Snitch gets chased by the Seekers to gain premium points. Clear? Umm okay, you’ll just have to book in for a game ?

For further information please contact Xtreme Village on 0203 609 9449

Quidditch Flying Ladies 2.jpeg
Quidditch Face Off pic.jpeg